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A world of danger, but equal reward. A place to make a name for yourself, or be lost in history.

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Current Date: Grutag – Sahanus -17 | Current Season: Fall | Moon Phase: Waxing | Weather: Cool – Overcast

News and updates

4/21/2009Started adding some graphics to the site, to liven it up a bit.

4/12/2009Decided I didn’t want to use the “official” NPC tracking system because it didn’t have everything I wanted. I’m just going to put NPCs in the regular wiki.

4/10/2009- So far so good! Not done entering all the stuff you guys already know yet, but I’m getting there!

4/8/2009Started this wiki about the campaign… Thought it might be cool, and a fun way to track what happens. I probably won’t be able to keep up with it, like most online social sites… but hey maybe!


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