Sargon the Sullen

Like the clash of Lightning & Thunder, Sargon shakes his foes to their very cores.


Sargon is a tall, broad-shouldered Genasi swordmage, manifesting the Stormsoul. His tough & craggy lavender skin is etched with glowing lines that pulse & flash like lightning, & his sleeveless black leather armor is designed to accentuate this effect. He wields a savage-looking Bastard sword, Stormbringer, that glows like the sun, shining out from the center of battle like the tranquil eye of the storm. Never an overly jovial sort, Sargon now wears a permanent scowl, having traded his smile to a certain withered crone while trapped in the Feywild.


Sargon is a former bodyguard, slaver, pirate, mercenary, highwayman, caravan guard, militia captain, firefighter & executioner’s assistant, now turned adventurer. Basically, where violence needed doing for a decent wage, Sargon was there, without any trace of moral compunction & eager to engage his swordmage training. Eventually, he realized that a small band of hearty adventuring types would maximize his potential for both combat & profit, which is how he came to join up with the Nasty Midnighters. Sargon is hesitant to offer loyalty, but once he does his personal sense of honor dictates that he do so to the fullest, hence his determination to return to Manland & Lord Padraig.

Sargon the Sullen

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