House Rules

Using the Wiki

Hey guys just a few items about the Wiki.

  • Feel free to ad notes and new pages, but if possible if there is already a “similar” page use the template from that page to make the new Entry. If nothing suits your needs, go ahead and make soemthing up, but try to keep a similar format if possible.
  • If you are interested in another layout for the wiki let me know your idea.
  • Feel free to ad info about new locations or soemthing if you want. IE if your character’s back story has a place or location (like an Elven Forest or Dwarven Mountians or soemthing.) You can make up the details, but let me decide where it’s located please.
  • Feel free to add new NPCs (like if you have people in your character story you know.)
  • Feel free to add things like histories to your items and such.
  • As the DM I’m reserving the right to make changes to any new things you add. (Usually only because it would be inconsistent with something I know about the world that you don’t.)

Books considered “legal” for play- by company.

Please ask me if you want to use soemthing from a book/company not on this list.

Special Rules for use at the table



House Rules

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