• Type: Civilized Kingdom
  • Ruler: None each region ruled independantly.
  • Population: Unknown
  • Demographics: Mostly human but smatterings of all common races.
  • Religion: A broad pantheon is generally worshiped.

A mostly Forested Kingdom north of the Alrahdian Empire, nestled between the Norhbad, and Kerden Peaks mountain ranges, Ohberland exists on the edge of what many consider the “civilized lands.” The people of Ohberland tend to be made of generally “hard stock” and are sometimes unfairly stereotyped as “curt” or “lacking any sense of humor.” This is a generaly untrue statement, as Ohberlandians tend to be a very good natured people, but their life “on the edge” has caused them to be generaly mistrustful of outsiders, and thus the rumors have spread amongst non-Ohberlandians.

The kingdom of Ohberland has fallen on hard times. The old King, King Ohber, has died, and although he has named his eldest son “Prince Fredrik” as heir to the throne, his younger son “Erik” claims the appointment invalid. The Sword of Ohber, a family heirloom upon which the kingdom was built has gone missing, and without it, Erik claims no new king can be crowned.

Prince Fredrik, outraged by his brothers claims began to mount a campaign to take the kingdom by force. To bolster support for his position, Prince Erik then promoted four of the most afluential barrons in the kingdom to the rank of prince, ostensibly until a decision can be made about what to do. With their support he was able to defeat Fredrik.

Those loyal to Fredrik were forced to either admit defeat, or go into hiding while Prince Fredrik is imprissoned for treason. Those loyalist in hiding are now known as The Grey Wolves.

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