The Old Troll Market

  • Type: City
  • Location: Unknown
  • Ruler: Unknown
  • Defenses: Unknown
  • Population: Unknown
  • Demographics: Mainly human, but large portions of non-human. (Goblinoids mainly.)


The Danks- This ward is located directly behind the waterfall. The mist and water droplets from the fall cause the place to feel constantly damp, and chilly, thus earning it the name “The Danks.” Most of the poorest residents and shops can be found here as well as those to unsavory for even the troll market. Its closeness to the waterfall also creates a convenient way to dispose of things one doesn’t want easily found… Creating the expression “Lost in the Danks.”

The Grand Market- This area of the market consists of the original bridge. Spanning from the edge of the great lake to the entrance of the Grand Hall, this bridge is the most permanent of them all, made entirely of stone. The stones work is carved on the side with images of historic events and people, however, due to the many buildings and other bridges connected to it, and on it, these carvings are almost all but lost. The bridge itself is considered the city’s “center” and an untold amount of commerce happens here. If you can’t actually find it on the Market bridge, it’s at least where you start.

Keepside Docks-

Murgort Keep-

Overlook- Overlook isn’t an actual “ward” so much as the name given to the collection of houses owned by the richest of nobility and merchants in the market. These are houses built directly into the walls of the cavern high above the bridges, and the keep.

Temple Row-

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The Old Troll Market

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